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Dan Marino Foundation's campus living program for teens with autism

June 29, 2015

For many young adults, their experience at the Dan Marino Foundation's campus summer living program is their first time sleeping outside their homes.

This brand new program is open for young adults on the spectrum aged 18-28, where they live week-by-week on their own at Nova Southeastern University in Broward, Florida, Local 10 reported. 

Specialists like Eliana Velasquez are there to help students learn life skills.

"Having those skills like cooking, laundry, time management, all of those things are really important for these students to gain," Velasquez told Local 10

Watch the video here and read more about this program on the Dan Marino Foundation's website

Autism Speaks offers camp scholarship funds each year to allow financially disadvantaged children and young adults with autism to attend camp this summer through the Autism Speaks Baker Summer Camp Program! The camps are responsible for choosing the scholarship recipients based on an autism diagnosis, financial need, and the individual's opportunity for growth and development through the camp experience.

Read more about the Baker Summer Camp program here