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Dan Aykroyd Talks About his Asperger's Diagnosis

December 16, 2013

Still looking for a gift for the Holidays? Who ya gonna call?

Posted by Ghostbusters on Monday, December 15, 2014

In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, writer and actor Dan Aykroyd discussed his Asperger's diagnosis. In the interview, Aykroyd says his Asperger syndrome contributed to the inspiration for the hit movie Ghostbusters, telling the Daily Mail, "One of my symptoms included my obsession with ghosts and law enforcement -- I carry around a police badge with me, for example. I became obsessed by Hans Holzer, the greatest ghost hunter ever. That’s when the idea of my film Ghostbusters was born."

Aykroyd previously discussed his Asperger's in an interview with NPR's Terry Gross in 2004