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This dad talking about son with autism's challenges is inspiring

February 05, 2016

Thanks to Upworthy, this video of the relationship between a father and his teenage son on the autism spectrum has gone viral. In the video that originally appeared on Andrew Solomon’s Youtube page, Bill said while Chris was growing up that he didn’t communicate, he didn’t sit down, he didn’t put on clothes and he wouldn’t go outside.”

“I was pretty much told to put him in an institution.” Bill said in the video.

Thanks to the support of his family and local community though Bill was able to help Chris be home schooled for a majority of his adolescence where he was able to overcome many of his obstacles. Today, Chris is in 11th grade and attends Levittown High School in New York.

Bill concluded, “The thing I’ve learned most over the years is to be a parent first. It changed my life completely. It put me in another direction. I was able to love unconditionally…”