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Dad Provides Tips to Help Prepare Students with Autism for College

May 14, 2015

A article written by Noel Murray, the father of an 8th grader with autism, looks into how currently most high schools do not properly prepare students on the spectrum for college, and also highlights what can be done to help fix the problem.

"We make the erroneous assumption that high schools are getting students ready for college, and they're not really," said Dr. Gerard Hoefling, who works with the Autism Support Program at Drexel University. "That's not their primary task. High schools do a wonderful job of getting students ready to graduate from high school."

Murray suggests steps that parents, colleges and students with autism can take to help with the transition to college, most focused on helping students to become independent self-advocates — the same goal most parents have for their neurotypical kids.

In the article, Lisa Goring, Autism Speaks executive vice president of programs and services, recommends Autism Speaks' online guides to transitioning from adolescencepostsecondary education and joining the workforce. The Community-based Skills Assessment also helps prepare young adults for life in the community by helping to develop a comprehensive and individualized transition plan.

Read the article here.