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Dad Creates Autcraft, Safe Haven for Minecraft Players with Autism

October 28, 2013

Minecraft, the hugely-popular game that consists of building a virtual world block by block (Lego style), has a new haven for gamers with autism. Autcraft is a by-invitation-only server created by blogger and dad to a son with autism Stuart Duncan as well as other parents of children on the spectrum. The server’s website describes Autcraft as “the first Minecraft server committed to providing safe, fun [learning] environment for children on the autism spectrum and their families.”

In Minecraft’s public servers, players can attack each other and destroy parts of the world they built. In Autcraft players are not allowed to do this. The server is designed to teach players with autism to respect each other. Parents on the server are also encouraged to assist younger players by demonstrating the mechanics of the game.

So far, Autcraft is a huge success. The website posted this message, “Please be aware that we are experiencing a very high volume of submissions right now so you may have to wait a day or two for a response.”

The server is only availabe to players running the PC version of the game. Autcraft is currently free to members but its developers ask for donations to keep the service running.  To request an invitation to the server or to learn more, visit Autcraft's website.