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Cure Autism Now and TalkAutism Partner to Create AutismTown?

September 06, 2007

Web-based Initiative Allows for Collaboration within Autism Community

Los Angeles, Calif., Feb. 1, 2007 – Cure Autism Now (CAN) and TalkAutism have partnered to create AutismTown, a Web-based initiative aimed at bringing the autism community together and raising funds for autism research and technology programs. AutismTown is an online community where individuals, families and service providers can share their stories, images and perspectives, while contributing to awareness and funding for autism through the purchase of virtual real estate.

In addition to providing a gathering place for those in the autism community, AutismTown serves as an interactive fundraising initiative to help support Cure Autism Now's research and treatment programs and TalkAutism's ongoing online resource development. AutismTown provides visitors a unique chance to "purchase pixels" for a good cause, in discrete plots, on the AutismTown homepage; these plots can be populated with content of their choice, and the more pixels they purchase, the bigger their perpetual presence in AutismTown will be. Each 100-pixel plot (10x10 pixels) is $100.00.

Not only do the plots purchased create a unique, lasting web presence to support autism, there are many other things visitors can do with their plot in AutismTown:

  • Post a photo or video of their child and their family, tell their story and share their strength.
  • Post their association's logo and provide a direct link to their Web site.
  • Post their organization's logo and provide an update on their latest autism-related project for education, research and treatment.
  • Post words of encouragement and hope

With each plot, AutismTown invites visitors to either stake their claim in our community and our fight to unlock the mysteries of autism, browse AutismTown's increasing 'homeowners', and / or participate in monthly 'e-Scavenger Hunts' for prizes.

Funds raised by AutismTown are collected by talkAutism with 75% of proceeds being donated to Cure Autism Now. The remainder will support talkAutism's free Web services for families and professionals.

About TalkAutism (a service of Caring Technologies)

TalkAutism has provided FREE online resources for families and professionals via autism organization web sites since 2002. TalkAutism is a branded service of Caring Technologies, Inc., whose mission is to bring enabling technology solutions to autism and broader disabilities. Innovations include 1) BI Capture™, a video-based 'capture and access' system for 'behavior imaging™' used in classrooms, home and clinic settings 2) MyChildsHealthRecord platform for managing health history & progress and enabling televisits with specialists 'remotely' and 3) iAbida – application for electronic communication management for autism educators and parents". To learn more, visit the Web sites of Caring Technologies Inc. and TalkAutism.