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Criteria for Parents as Partners in Research

Qualifying Research Criteria
April 23, 2007

In order for a study to be accepted for listing on this site, NAAR's Director of Research & Programs must find the following:

  • The study design appears likely to produce scientifically meaningful information
  • The study appears to have a favorable risk-benefit ratio for subjects
  • The study has been approved by an Institutional Review Board

Submit a Study for Parents as Partners in Research:

For each study, please submit the following:

  • Protocol for the study (must identify sponsor, principal investigator, and name of medication(s), if any)
  • Consent/assent forms
  • A one-paragraph description for posting, if accepted
  • IRB approval letter

Documents should be e-mailed to Denise Soto at in Microsoft Word format. Fax the IRB letter to Denise Soto at (609) 430-9163. Documents will be handled in confidence for discussion with NAAR's Director of Research & Programs. The materials will be reviewed and you will be notified if the study meets its criteria as set forth above. NAAR does not charge a fee for listing of approved studies.

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