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Connecticut Department of Developmental Services Makes Announcement on Housing for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

May 09, 2014

(May 9, 2014) - Connecticut state legislature recently added $4 million in funding for placements of state residents with intellectual disabilitiesin new apartments and group homes. Individuals could start moving in as early as July.

The new funding will move some individuals off a waiting list for residential placements, according to a spokeswoman from the Department of Developmental Services. The legislature also added $600,000 to DDS' budget for 2014-15 for more grants to provide support to families whose children or grandchildren have intellectual or developmental disabilities, she said.

The announcement comes as a relief for the thousands of families who have had their loved ones on wait lists for residential services and supports for years. 

For more information about Housing and Residential Supports, visit the housing portal on the Autism Speaks website, including our Housing and Residential Supports Tool Kit.