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Calls to Action

Congressman Joins Students in Celebrating Autism Awareness Month

April 25, 2007


Pictured (left to right): Lauren DiChiara, Jenn DiChiara, Matt Ford, Alison Singer, Congressman John Hall (D-NY)., Natalie Tadena, and Matthew Harris

Families gathered Friday at the Devereaux Millwood Learning Center in Millwood, New York, to mark autism awareness month and to celebrate and honor the siblings of children with autism. Many of the siblings participate in the Student Clubs for Autism Speaks program, organizing activities in their schools to increase awareness of autism and raise funds for autism research. Congressman John Hall (D-NY) spoke at the event, toured the school and spoke with parents. Students who were winners of a special essay contest for siblings of children with autism shared their winning entries.

Read the winning essays here:

  • Jen DiChiara's essay (pdf)

  • Lauren DiChiara's essay (pdf)

  • Matt Ford's essay (pdf)

  • Nathalie Tadena's essay (pdf)

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