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Calls to Action

Coney Island Landmark to Light it Up Blue!

March 13, 2015

Learn how you can Light It Up Blue in April here!

The Coney Island Autism Angels will gather in Luna Park on April 2nd for their 2nd Annual Light It Up Blue in Coney Island event to watch as the park's landmark, the Parachute Jump, lights up blue. 

One of their guest speakers, local councilman Mark Treyger, will deliver a speech to the attendees and activities are planned for the children present at the event.  

If you'd like to attend or get involved, please email

From the group:

Coney Island Autism Angels was founded by Anthony and Veronica Droz, parents of a child with autism. While raising their daughter, they came to the realization that there wasn’t much awareness about the autism spectrum within their community and adjacent neighborhoods.

It was evident, that at times, some couldn’t understand or relate. They decided to stay strong and become parents of action. With their enthusiasm, and the love for their daughter, they set upon to surmount all difficulties. Anthony and Veronica believe that awareness equals acceptance. The journey for the Droz’s family began with the birth of their daughter. However, their campaign to raise Awareness=Acceptance and to help the children in their community as a whole, has just begun. 

See some of their great accomplishments in the video below: