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Colombia's Tallest Building To Go Blue for Autism Awareness

March 11, 2014

(March 11, 2014) -- Colombia's tallest building, the Torre Colpatria -- the Colpatria Tower -- will light up the sky blue in Bogota on April 2.

The 50-story building is the latest major global landmark that will go blue next month. On April 2, all over the world, in 45 countries, iconic landmarks and buildings get lit in blue in commemoration of World Autism Awareness Day. The Empire State Building, the Sydney Opera House, Christ the Redeemer in Rio and the Pyramids in Egypt, along with thousands of other buildings, light the night sky blue as a gesture of worldwide solidarity for the cause.

And it's not just major sites; you can join in by lighting your work or home blue. See which other buildings around the world will Light It Up Blue for autism awareness and add your building to the list!