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Coach With Son on the Spectrum Raising Autism Awareness

February 06, 2015

Tom Herrion, an assistant coach for Georgia Tech's basketball team, is bringing autism awareness to the court this weekend for the Coaches Powering Forward for Autism campaign, a movement he started last year with friend and Towson coach, Pat Skerry.

Herrion's drive to create autism awareness comes in part from his son, Robert. At 9 years old, Robert is an avid basketball fan who loves NBA star Kevin Durant, checks basketball scores compulsively and devours basketball statistics. He also happens to have autism.

“He’s a terrific kid, unbelievable and he’s very bright. He just has some things that he’s deficient at that we continue to work at to help him grow,” Herrion told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  

Read more about Herrion's inspiring story on the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Are you an NCAA basketball fan? Join our "Coaches Powering Forward for Autism" campaign to raise awareness and funds for autism research and family services! More than 200 coaches have already signed up to participate in the campaign, which will culminate February 6 to 8. Throughout the weekend, coaches, officials and broadcasters will raise autism awareness by donning the blue Autism Speaks puzzle piece pin during college basketball games. Find out more info at