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Chicago Autism Speaks Chapter Discusses Latest Research on Now.Chicago

April 23, 2015

Katie Kijowski, host of Now.Chicago, invited guests from the Chicagoland Chapter of Autism Speaks to discuss the latest in autism research and treatment during autism awareness month.

Jenny Kleiman from Autism Speaks' Family Services team appeared on the program along with two of our chapter board members, Laurie Chern, Chair and Latha Soorya. 

Chern addressed the issue of autism diagnosis often being delayed because there is a huge wait time involved. 

"A lot of times parents have concerns about their child's development and they're not sure when is the right time to go ahead and start seeking out answers to some of their questions," Chern said. "Really, there is no time to wait and no time to lose."

"We recommend right from the get go, as early as possible if there are any signs and symptoms that parents can seek out some advice," Chern added.

Watch the video here or click on the image above.