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Calls to Action

Chelsea Stepp Sings “Beautiful Blessing” at Autism Speaks Summit

November 13, 2013

Chelsea Stepp, a 21-year-old singer from Warfield, Ky, inspired the crowd at the “Autism Speaks To Washington” summit Wednesday night with a live performance of her song “Beautiful Blessing” about her younger sister Cammi who has autism.  Check out the video below:



The night also featured speeches from Autism Speaks champions on Capitol Hill.  Sen. Al Franken (Minn.) presented a special award to Dr. Eric Larsson of the Lovaas Institute Midwest, where he specializes in early intervention services for families of children who suffer from severe behavior disorders.

Other speakers included Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, Canadian Parliamentary Member Mike Lake and Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, who compared the drive for more research to the Apollo moon missions of the 1960’s. 

“We don’t need a mission to the moon, we need a mission to the brain, because failure is not an option,” said Markey.

The evening was part of “Autism Speaks to Washington,” a three-day action summit furthering the push for a national strategy on autism.