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Charity Calculator from Wallet Hub: Should You Donate Time or Money?

January 06, 2015

Wallet Hub, a one-stop destination for tools and information to make better financial decisions and save money, created a charity calculator to help people decide how to best maximize their philanthropic impact, either through monetary donations or volunteering.

Autism Speaks' Alec Elbert, Chief Strategy and Development Officer, offered his expert advice on ways to motivate young people to volunteer, where to look for opportunities, and how other charitable organizations can hope to retain volunteers over time. 

"We have about 100 walks around the country and countless other events focused on raising critical awareness and funds for our community," Elbert told Wallet Hub. "These serve as great opportunities for people to get involved, support our efforts and get directly involved with the Autism Speaks community. You can learn more about Walk Now for Autism Speaks at"

Read more of Elbert's advice at and click on the infographic below to access the charity calculator: