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CAN Joins Efforts to Find Cures Faster Through Participation in Nonprofit Think Tanks

September 27, 2007

FasterCures, a nonprofit "action tank" seeking ways to accelerate the search for cures for disease, recently released the report "Investing in Innovation:

Accelerating Disease Research Through Philanthropy and Business", highlighting the proceedings of two innovative meetings, the "Leadership Forum on Entrepreneurial Philanthropy and Innovative Medical Research" and "Building Business-Nonprofit Partnerships for Medical Research Innovation", both held in late 2005.

CAN was an integral part of these ground-breaking meetings which were designed to build collaborations and partnerships between business and non-profit organizations. These invitation-only meetings were attended by CAN Science Director, Sophia Colamarino, Ph.D. and CEO Peter Bell who explained that "the focus was on a question common to all non-profit disease organizations, which is how can we attract more private investment in our mission to develop cures." The report underscores the urgent need for more creative thinking about models for financing large, high-risk, long-term investments that could lead to biomedical breakthroughs. It also proposes specific ideas for improving the flow of information and capital in the marketplace for medical research. We invite interested parties to review the report Investing in Innovation: Accelerating Disease Research Through Philanthropy and Business. For more information about FasterCures, see