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CAN Co-founder Publishes Book on Autism

May 13, 2007

strange son by portia iversen

Portia Iversen, Cure Autism Now co-founder, has just released her long-awaited book Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism. Iversen and her husband Jon Shestack founded CAN to find a cure and increase understanding of those affected by autism, after their son Dov's autism diagnosis at age 2.

The book came about after Iversen heard about a nonverbal boy in India whose mother taught him to read, write and communicate. Iversen then

brought Tito and Soma Mukhopadhyay to the United States. Strange Son is the incredible tale of two mothers from opposite sides of the world who, united in their fierce determination to help their children, challenged everything society and the scientific community thought they knew about autism.

A portion of the proceeds of the book sales will benefit CAN's Innovative Technology for Autism initiative. The book is available now through Barnes and Noble (by using this link, an additional percentage is donated to CAN),, or To learn more about the book, visit

Autism Speaks and CAN recently announced plans to combine operations.