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Camp encourages intensive play and learning for kids with autism

July 14, 2015

At Adam's Camp Alaska, kids with autism spend five days learning, playing and growing with intensive therapies that are fun.

“They’re usually really excited because camp is really fun,” camp therapist James Weise told KTVA. ”But they don’t necessarily know what to expect from this, and there’s high expectations.”

Campers work one-on-one in 45-minute sessions with therapists for art, speech, music, occupational and physical therapy. 

“We have a lot of kids who take their first steps, say their first words, because it’s an intensive therapy model,” Bob Horney, the camp's founder, told KTVA. 

Horney created the camp with his wife in Colorado in 1986. Their son, Adam, has cerebral palsy, and couldn't yet walk at age 5. After five days of camp, he took his first step. 

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Autism Speaks has awarded $200,000 in scholarship funds to a total of 138 camps to allow financially disadvantaged children and young adults with autism to attend camp this summer through the Autism Speaks Baker Summer Camp Program. See a full list of 2015 grant recipients (including Adam's Camp New England) here