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Calls to Action

Boy gives inspiring speech to his classmates about living with autism

April 12, 2016

“There are over 70 million people in the world with autism but not one of them is just like me. Being a little different is what makes us all so special.” – Jackson Kreifels

Jackson was diagnosed on the autism spectrum right before he turned 4 years old. Soon after his diagnosis, his family signed up for their first Walk in Southern New Jersey in May of 2010. 

This past week, Jackson’s former 3rd grade teacher approached him about speaking to the current 3rd graders about autism. At first, Jackson was very nervous because “Speaking to strangers is a lot easier than talking in front of my friends!” But he was looking forward to sharing his story. Jackson wrote his speech and spent hours reciting it over and over.

When the day finally came, Jackson was no longer nervous and could not wait to share his story. Watch the video above to hear his full speech.

You can join Jackson at the Autism Speaks South New Jersey Walk on May 15 here.