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Boy with Autism Wanders Out of School Without Anyone Knowing

May 23, 2014

(May 23, 2014) - A Bellevue, Neb., family is outraged after their 9-year-old son with autism wandered out of school without anyone knowing. The boy apparently walked out of school after lunch and made his way home.

The boy’s mother, Stephanie Parks, told KETV, “He just popped right in the door and asked for a snack.”

 Parks says she called the school and informed them that her son was not in building. Bellevue Public Schools officials say they are working with the family to correct what went wrong that day. 

Autism Speaks has partnered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to address autism wandering incidents. Visit this page to find out how to report an active case of wandering.  Find Autism Speaks resources to help prevent wandering here.