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Boy with autism publishes book, "Darius Hates Vegetables"

January 14, 2016

A 10-year-old boy with autism from Maryland has published a book, called "Darius Hates Vegetables."

"It's really built his confidence so much," his mother, Wendy, told WJLA. "We have sold 90 books so far. So, he is doing very, very well," Wendy added.

The fifth grader from Skyline Elementary is one of approximately 1400 students in the Prince George's County Public School system identified with autism. 

"The main goal of our autism program is to mainstream our students into the general education population," Principal Mark Dennison explained.

"Even though he has autism he's really smart," his classmate, 10-year-old Dajah Dinkins said. "Sometimes he might come into my class and he's just on track."