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Boy with Autism Lands Small Role on 'Orange is the New Black'

August 15, 2014

(August 15, 2014) -- Peter Cestaro, a gifted 11-year-old boy with autism from New Haven, Conneticut, is entertaining our community with his amazing singing abilities. Peter, who was diagnosed with autism at age two, found a knack for singing when he was five at one of his friends karaoke parties when he broke out of his shell to sing Flo Rida's hit song "Low." Since then, with the help of his mother Julie, Peter and his family are hoping he will become one of the next big singing sensations in the United States.

Peter's favorite artists include Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. He currently has several songs on iTunes, in addition to several music videos on his YouTube page. Last year, Peter won first place in "Ticket to Broadway," a New York City talent show where he sang Cee Lo Green's "Forget You." Peter also had a small guest role on the hit Netflix show "Orange is The New Black". On Wednesday, Peter and Julie attended a Drake concert in Hartford, where Drake invited them to meet him backstage before the concert. 

Julie said when interviewed by the New Haven Register, "You never know. Someday it might be him (Peter) on that stage."

Peter on the set of Orange is the New Black...

Peter with Drake...