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Boy with Autism Bitten at School, Mom Wants Answers

July 24, 2014

(July 24, 2014) - Jackie Rodriguez told WABC in New York City that her son was bitten on the cheek on the school bus and she wants to know what happened. It was 3-year-old Anthony Rodriguez's first day of school at Children's Learning Center on Manhattan's Upper West Side. His mom says she got a call from the school asking her to pick up Anthony because he had ringworm. 

According to Jackie, she took Anthony to the doctor and he confirmed that the mark on his cheek was from a bite, not ringworm. Anthony is non-verbal and can't communicate to his mom exactly what  happened.

The New York City Department of Education released a statement on the matter saying, "A DOE bus contractor provides transportation to the school. We are investigating the bus complaint."

Watch the WABC report above for more. 

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