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Board of Trustees Elects New Board Chairperson

April 23, 2007

The Board of Trustees of NAAR recently convened for the 2005 Annual Meeting. NAAR is proud to announce the election of Ann Boeker Gibbons as Chair of the Board of Trustees for the coming year. In addition to the appointment of new leadership, the trustees also recognized the past leadership of NAAR's chair, Prisca Chen Marvin, as well as the term ends for two of NAAR's trustees, Dr. Eric London and W. Donald Gough.

Elected as NAAR's Chairperson, Ann Boeker Gibbons has been a NAAR trustee for the past three years. Ann has been a NAAR supporter and volunteer since the early days of the organization. Ann served as a founding co-chair of the National Capital Area Walk F.A.R. for NAAR event in September 2001 and has also been serving as NAAR's Vice-Chair of Government Relations for the past few years.

Ann replaces Prisca Chen Marvin who has so ably led NAAR as Chair of the Board of Trustees for the past 5 years. During Prisca's tenure NAAR has expanded nationally and internationally, while dramatically growing in revenues, and most importantly, annual investments to research.

Asked about her recent appointment, Ann commented, "It is an honor to become NAAR's Chairperson. I have had the pleasure of serving on the board for three years under Prisca's guidance. The dedication and enthusiasm of my fellow board members makes my position particularly rewarding. As a former walk chair, I appreciate deeply the involvement of each and every NAAR donor and volunteer and look forward to even greater things to come."

Executive Committee

NAAR's Board of Trustees includes an Executive Committee which, after the September 2005 elections, now includes the following:

Ann Gibbons, Chairperson
Michael Alessandri, Ph.D., Vice Chair, Scientific Affairs Committee
Debbie Hilibrand, Vice Chair, Major Gifts Campaign
Margie Pascetta, Vice Chair, Development
Mark Krinsky, Treasurer
Patricia Menendez-Cambo, Secretary
Barri Rind, Executive Committee Member-at-Large
Larry Cancro, Chair, Public Relations Committee

Patricia Menendez-Cambo, a trustee for the past 3 years, replaces Ann Gibbons as Secretary of the Board. The other members of the Executive Committee are re-appointments.

NAAR Trustees Emeriti

Dr. Eric London and W. Donald Gough ended their second terms as Trustees at the September 2005 meeting. Both were appointed “NAAR Trustees Emeriti”.

Dr. Eric London, co-founder of NAAR, will continue to serve as an ad hoc member on its Scientific Affairs Committee. His vision and expertise have been a guiding force for NAAR's research portfolio since our inception and the Board and committee look forward to his continued active involvement.

Don Gough is a Principal with Gough Management Company and former executive with Sibson & Company, an executive search services/consulting firm. Don lent his expertise in the areas of human resource development and management during NAAR's tremendous growth while also serving as a long standing member of the Finance, Administration and Audit committee. Don was asked to comment on his tenure on the Board, to which he responded, “It has been a pleasure to serve as a NAAR Trustee for ten years. We have made great progress in our funding of research in trying to determine what causes this disorder. My desire and wish, as I leave the Board, is that we will find the cause within the next ten years so that we can provide hope to the families that provide loving care to those with autism.