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Blue Horizons for Autism Takes Flight in Burbank and New York City!

September 23, 2015

Through a partnership between Autism Speaks and JetBlue Airways, over 600 people in the autism community were able to walk through the airport experience in a fun and realistic setting by participating in Blue Horizons for Autism events at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, NY, and Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, CA. Families arrived at the airport, picked up their tickets at the ticket counter, made their way through security, waited at the gate to board and then got to spend time on the plane! 

A big thank you to JetBlue Airways for providing this incredible opportunity to families in our community!

New York City

On Sunday, September 20, over 300 people with autism, family members and friends came out to John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York for the third annual Blue Horizons for Autism event. Staff from Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism were on hand throughout the day to help support the participants. The day was a big success, as you can see in the pictures here!

Burbank, California

On Saturday, September 19, nearly 300 people in the autism communtiy gathered at Bob Hope Airport in California for the third Blue Horizons for Autism event in Burbank, hosted by Behavior Frontiers, the Regional Center, Autism Speaks and JetBlue.

The Burbank Leader shared a story about the event, featuring Autism Speaks Autism Response Team Coordinator Stephanie de Leon, who trained the volunteers prior to the families' arrival. In the article. de Leon said the training was just as important for airline workers to develop new skills to accommodate children with autism and their families. “Crew members will learn how to support these families, and families will learn, ‘OK, this is what works for us and this is what is not going to work for us,’” she said. “It goes hand in hand.”

Check out some great pictures from the event below!

Thank You JetBlue Airways!