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The benefits of hiring people with autism in your workplace

January 11, 2016

A pilot program in White Plains, NY is helping people with autism join the workforce. As reported by BBC Capital, Towers Watson, a human-resources consulting firm hired 18 people with autism to assist with a review of compensation survey data submissions. Towers Watson hopes to expand this program to over centers in Philadelphia, New Jersey and London in the future.

Tim Weiler, director of Eastern division, sales effectiveness and rewards for Towers Watson told BBC Capital, “They’re loyal and diligent and are a lower turnover risk.”

The article looks at the entire process of employing a person with autism from the interview process to the proper accommodations needed to help them excel.

Dave Kearon, Autism Speaks Director of Adult Services, says about the program, "This is not about charity or about what businesses can do for people with autism; it’s about what individuals with autism have shown they can do for businesses. Companies like Towers Watson and others are recognizing the many strengths and abilities of job seekers with autism, and are beginning to make available to this community the opportunities they deserve. Autism Speaks encourages businesses from all industries to consider this untapped talent pool as well."

You can read more at BBC Capital here.

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