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Calls to Action

Awareness Campaigns Focus on Autism and Wandering

August 13, 2013

Wandering has become a critical issue for many in the autism communty. At least 14 children with autism have passed away this year in wandering-related tragedies. The journal Pediatrics noted last year that about half of children with autism are prone to wandering. Another article from Pediatrics this year stated that half of parents who have children with autism have never received any guidance on how to deal with this terrible issue.  

National autism organizations such as Autism Speaks, the National Autism Association and Autism Society have been recognizing these tragedies and increasing awareness efforts about the issue across the country. 

For more tips on wandering we have some wandering resources available here. For additional resources, visit AWAARE: the Autism Awareness Wandering Alerts Response and Education Collaboration, a working group of six national non-profit autism organizations, including Autism Speaks, whose mission is to prevent autism-related wandering incidents and deaths.