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Awareness is the Answer to Intolerance

Autism Speaks responds to a hateful anonymous letter sent to an Ontario family
August 19, 2013

Canadian mother Karla Begley received a hate-filled letter from a neighbor who was angered by her son's behaviors.  Begley's son has autism and the shocking letter has since gone viral.

This letter shows exactly why at Autism Speaks we are sure that raising awareness every single day is a vital goal. With one in every 88 children now on the autism spectrum, our kids are not just in Karla Begley’s neighborhood but in every neighborhood in this country and around the world. Now is not the time for hatred, but for understanding, awareness and research so we can help all of those with autism who may be suffering.  Our hearts and support are with the Begleys.

For more on the story, visit here.  And watch the video below featuring Autism Speaks' Michael Rosanoff.