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AutonomyWorks is creating a workforce of adults with autism

Companies Making A Difference" is an Autism Speaks web series that recognizes businesses who are taking steps to better support the autism community within their companies.
March 03, 2016

AutonomyWorks believes in the unique talents and abilities of individuals with ASD. People with autism have an amazing eye for detail. Many possess extraordinary gifts in working with and interpreting facts and figures. Some are inclined to prefer repetitive tasks for extended periods of time. All of these skills are ideally-suited for today's highly-technological business Process Execution needs.

AutonomyWorks is launching a movement to mobilize, train and manage this hidden workforce. We leverage the unique abilities of people with autism to deliver high-quality, cost-competitive Process Execution services to small and large companies via technology and systems designed to engineer and manage the work.

AutonomyWorks offers a turnkey solution for clients who are outsourcing their Process Execution services, provides meaningful work and a living wage for people with ASD, and lowers costs for society

AutonomyWorks is helping populate job listing to Autism Speaks helped launch the new tool to address the challenges facing young adults and adults with autism in the job market. The mission of is to connect employers with qualified individuals with autism and other disabilities.

Visit and watch our videos to see how easy it is to join. 

AutonomyWorks has also partnered for the Autism Speaks Midwest Employment Symposium on Saturday, March 12, 2016. This Symposium is part of the Midwest Small Business Accelerator (MSBA) Program, an Autism Speaks initiative created in partnership with AutonomyWorks and funded by a generous grant from our donors. Learn how to attend here.