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AutisMate Opens the Door to Communication for People with Autism

October 25, 2013

AutisMate is an iPad app for individuals with autism that improves communication and social and behavioral skills by reinforcing autism treatment through visual supports, including visual scenes, visual schedules, video modeling, visual stories and grid-based AAC. 

CNN Money featured a video online this week about the inspiring story of how Joe, a young man with autism, has used AutisMate to help with communication and various daily living skills.

AutisMate was created by SpecialNeedsWare and is a useful and effective communication tool  for individuals on the autism spectrum at home, at school or out in the community. The app can be personalized to meet each person's unique needs while also connecting parents, teachers and therapists allowing visual supports to be shared instantly with everyone surrounding their child.

AutisMate was recently featured as a technology resource of the month on the Autism Speaks Technology Central page. Visit the Autism Speaks Autism Apps page for additional effective apps for individuals with autism of all ages and abilities

Learn more about AutisMate here!