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Autism2007 Online Conference Now Open for Participation

November 28, 2007

Autism2007, an online conference hosted by Autism Cymru, Wales' National Charity for Autism, is now open. This is the third online world conference to run within the AWARES conference center, and the largest yet, with 60 autism experts participating. Users all over the world can register to participate in the conference, read papers, and contribute to discussions.

The conference will cover the following topics: Asperger's syndrome, Autism and the Brain, Genetics, Language issues in autism, Sensory issues, First-hand experiences - Voices from the Spectrum, Education, Biomedical approaches, Services, Behavioral issues, Parents' perspective, Concepts of autism, Psychology, Emotional issues, Screening and diagnosis, Communication methods, Savant Syndrome, Socializing difficulties in autism, Autism in adolescents, Adults with autism, Autism and the emergency services, Related conditions.

The list of speakers includes: Dr. Lorna Wing, Professor Rita Jordan, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor Anthony Bailey, Dr. Gary Mesibov, Dr. Susan Folstein, Dr. Darold Treffert, Donna Williams, Wendy Lawson, Theo Peeters, Hilde de Clerq, Carol Gray, Dr. Dermot Bowler, Professor Robert DeLong, Professor Isabelle Rapin, Dr. Morton Gernsbacher, Dr. Connie Kasari, Dr. Gene Blatt, Manuel Casanova.

Autism Speaks UK is a sponsor of Autism2007.

To learn more and register for the event, visit