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Autism Takes Center Stage at DNC

August 27, 2008

For the first time ever, the topic of autism was at the forefront of healthcare issues covered at the Democratic National Convention. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton highlighted autism in their speeches. The Clintons referred to parents they had met who were having problems obtaining appropriate healthcare coverage for their affected children. They both encouraged better healthcare for all families moving forward.

Quotes pulled from speeches:

Senator Hillary Clinton:
“I will always remember the single mom who had adopted two kids with autism. She didn't have any health insurance and she discovered she had cancer. But she greeted me with her bald head painted with my name on it and asked me to fight for health care for her and her children.”

Former President Bill Clinton:
“I will never forget the parents of children with autism and other serious conditions who told me on the campaign trail that they couldn't afford health care and couldn't qualify their children for Medicaid unless they quit work and starved or got a divorce.”

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