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Autism Speaks Visits Cleveland Clinic

May 25, 2007

Autism Speaks Co-founders Bob and Suzanne Wright, and Vice President of Scientific Affairs Andy Shih met with Dr. Toby Cosgrove and other executives at the Cleveland Clinic on May 24, 2007, to discuss biomedical research into the causes of autism and innovative neurological treatment options in development at the clinic.

During their visit, Dr. Ali Rezai (Director of the Center for Neurological Restoration) gave a presentation on deep brain stimulation, which has produced stunning results in medication-refractory cases of Parkinson's and other severe psychiatric disorders. Brain pacemakers have been shown to improve mood disorders as well as obsessions and compulsions.

The visit also included a tour of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism, which is undergoing an expansion to double capacity to 160 students.

View highlights from Bob and Suzanne Wright's visit to the Cleveland Clinic
(Windows Media Video, ~1 minutes)

From left, Andy Shih, Dr. Marvin Natowicz (Vice Chair of the Genomic Medicine Institute), Suzanne Wright, Ronald Rerko (Manager of Translational Affairs of the Genomic Medicine Institute), Dr. Charis Eng (Chair of the Genomic Medicine Institute), Bob Wright, and Leslie Sinclair (Program Director for the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism)