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Autism Speaks Received $15,000 from CASCO Group, Reef One and PETCO

March 18, 2008

L to R: Seromi Park, Marketing Manager, Autism Speaks; Paul Stevenson, Reef-One, (founder of biOrb) and Kathryn Henkins, VP
and Divisional Merchandise Manager, PETCO.

CASCO Group, Reef One and PETCO presented a $15,000 check to Autism Speaks at the Global Pet Expo 2008, the world's largest annual pet trade show, in San Diego, Calif. Last year, CASCO Group and its partner company, Reef One, announced the launch of the Autism biOrb Program and designed a special biOrb aquarium in Autism Speaks' trademark blue color. CASCO Group and Reef One then teamed up with PETCO, the nation's leading pet specialty chain, to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of any biOrb aquarium to Autism Speaks. The companies also donated dozens of the blue biOrbs to schools and treatment centers across the country to contribute to a healthy and soothing environment for children.

The biOrb is a smart, stylish and simple globe-shaped acrylic aquarium that is virtually self cleaning. The biOrb combines the 360° visual appeal of a traditional fish bowl with the technology of a modern aquarium. The 30-liter acrylic globe features an efficient, easy-to-change cartridge filtration system that keeps water crystal clear and provides a healthy habitat for fish. Traditional biOrbs come with a variety of different colored swap tops and bottoms.

“We are very proud and honored to be able to help such a fantastic organization such as Autism Speaks,” Craig Dewalt, president and CEO of CASCO Group Inc. said. “It is our hope these funds will be able to help Autism Speaks in their efforts to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure.”

Upon presenting the donation, CASCO Group announced that they will continue the partnership with Autism Speaks, extending the contract for another year.