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Autism Speaks helps man with autism after his iPad is stolen

November 05, 2015

NBC10 News reported the heartbreaking news that Robert, a 22-year-old man with autism from New Jersey, had his iPad stolen from him. Stacie Sanchez, Robert’s mom, told NBC10 that this was his only means of communicating. Robert had been using the iPad for four years after receiving it as a gift from the Autism Foundation of New Jersey.

“To other people it’s just a toy,” Sanchez told NBC 10. “But for my son it’s the way he speaks to me. How he tells me what’s wrong. How he’s feeling, what he wants and what he needs.”

After the story broke, Autism Speaks stepped in to present the family with a new iPad for Robert. Autism Speaks staff members Heather Hays, Executive Director of Field Development in the Northeast, and Jose Dell'Aglio, National Administrator of Field Development, met with the family at their home to share the good news.

You can learn more about the story through this NBC 10 exclusive video here