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Calls to Action

Autism Speaks Co-Founders Talk 10 Years of Progress on WPTV

March 01, 2015


Bob and Suzanne Wright appeared on "To The Point" with Michael Williams on WPTV in West Palm Beach to discuss Autism Speaks' 10 years of progress, our beginnings and our plans for the future.

"We've made this year a year about substantially increasing services, community services, for people with autism and their families," Bob Wright said. "We're strong enough now, we're well known enough in the political world... all these parents have power. The people walking in the Walk next week, they will have power. And they have to use that power."

The West Palm Beach Walk Now for Autism Speaks event takes place March 8. It marks the beginning of the Walk season at Autism Speaks. 

Bob Wright emphasized the importance of having the autism community come together to advocate for better services.

"They have to talk to educators, they have to talk to fire and police, school boards, doctors, congressman. They have to be advocates. They have to be persuasive," Bob Wright added.

Watch the full interview above.