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Calls to Action

Autism Speaks Co-Founders Take to Airwaves to Heighten Awareness

April 04, 2014

Autism Speaks Co-Founders Suzanne and Bob Wright gave a series of interviews to kick off Autism Awareness Month. See video and find links below.  

Andrea Mitchell Reports - Air date April 2

The Wrights spoke with Andrea Mitchell about World Autism Awareness Day, the Light It Up Blue campaign and Autism Speaks' commitment to turning awareness into action.

CNBC - Air date April 2

Suzanne and Bob Wright, along with grandson Mattias and Autism Speaks Board Member Mel Karmazin, sat down with CNBC's Kelly Evans to discuss World Autism Awareness Day and Light It Up Blue.

Bloomberg TV's "Street Smart" - Air date April 3

Autism Speaks Co-founder Bob Wright appeared on Bloomberg TV's "Street Smart" on April 3. Wright and host Alix Steel discussed the future needs of children living with autism, the importance of raising awareness, the role of the federal government and Autism Speaks's new partnership with Sesame Street, among other topics.

Bob Wright also spoke with Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox and Carol Massar on Bloomberg Radio’s "Taking Stock" about using innovation and technology to raise awareness of autism. Learn more here.

WPTV - Air date March 27

After the CDC announced the new 1 in 68 autism prevalence numbers, Bob Wright talked about the need for more research and support from the federal government.

Thousands of people joined the Wrights in raising awareness. On Twitter alone, World Autism Awareness Day and Light It Up Blue (#LIUB) generated more than 100 million impressions! This included Tweets from multiple celebrities such as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Carol King, Carly Simon, Yoko Ono and Sarah Jessica Parker; and Congressional members such as Senators Menendez, Casey and Booker. 

Learn how the world is Lighting It Up Blue for Autism Awareness in April.