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Autism Speaks Co-founder Serves as 'Principal for a Day'

October 18, 2007

On October 18th, Autism Speaks Co-founder Suzanne Wright served as the PENCIL Partnership Guide's "Principal for a Day" at the PS 151 site of the P.S. 255 Q school district. The 151 Site is just one of 8 schools in the borough of Queens, New York, that educates students with autism. PS 255 Q focuses its curriculum on student achievement towards independence, in the areas of Community Living, Self Management Skills, and Vocational Skills. Suzanne

View highlights from Susan Wright's visit to PS 151 in Queens, N.Y.
YouTube Video ~ 2 Minutes

Wright had a wonderful time reading, watching performances and talking with the students. She learned a great deal about the improvements the school has made over the past year, and is looking forward to returning again next October.

Organized by PENCIL, or Public Education Needs Civic Involvement in Learning, the "principal for a day" program pairs thousands of New Yorkers from the private sector with the city's schools to foster partnerships, generate donations of cash, goods, and services for schools and school districts, and act as a vehicle through which the city's private sector advocates for educational reform. For more information about PENCIL visit For more information about P.S. 255, click here.