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Autism Speaks Announces Recipients of 2014 Local Grants!

October 30, 2014

Autism Speaks is excited to announce the 2014 recipients of the Chapter, Regional and Neighborhood Grants programs! A total of over $620,000 has been awarded to 128 local organizations around the country. Grants were selected by local Autism Speaks volunteers who could provide feedback and recommendations based on the needs of their local communities. 

Similar to that of the annual Family Services Community Grants program, the focus of these programs is threefold: 

  • to promote local services that enhance the lives of those affected by autism
  • to expand the capacity to effectively serve this growing community
  • to increase the field of service providers across the country

Out of the over 500 eligible applications received, 128 organizations from around the country were awarded grants of up to $5,000 for programs addressing the areas of education, recreation and community activities, young adult/adult services and equipment/supportive technology. Funded programs include first responder trainings, sensory equipment kits, mentoring programs with peers, golf and songwriting lessons and more.

“Autism Speaks is proud to be able to provide funding to programs that can have significant impact on individuals with autism, and that expand the growing need for services and education for people with autism, their families and local communities,” said Lisa Goring, executive vice president of programs and services at Autism Speaks.  “We are grateful to our local volunteer grant reviewers who offer valuable insight into the most effective ways to impact their local communities through grant funding.”

Learn About the 2014 Local Grant Recipients at the Links Below!

Chapter Grants
Regional Grants
Neighborhood Grants

Earlier this month, through the Family Services Community Grants program, Autism Speaks awarded an additional $308,000 to 13 organizations around the country. Learn about those recipients here!