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Autism Investment Conference, MSSNG Highlighted in Huffington Post

March 05, 2015

Arshya Vahabzadeh, an associate of Brain Power LLC, wrote an article for the Huffington Post highlighting the emerging trend of technology companies developing projects to help individuals on the autism spectrum. 

From Vahabzadeh:

"The growing number of people now diagnosed with autism has generated huge demand for technology, products, and other services to help support their needs. The upcoming Autism Investment Conference (AIC, March 10-12 in Boston), really highlights how eager businesses and investors are to learn about the opportunities in this rapidly expanding market. As a nod to the growing influence of technology in autism, the conference will be immediately followed by a half day "autism app pitch competition" organized by Google and Autism Speaks. The competition will give up-and-coming app developers an opportunity to showcase their most promising technologies for autism."

Autism Speaks' recent partnership with Google for the MSSNG project was also mentioned.

"MSSNG seeks to create a database of 10,000 genomes (the entire genetic code) of people with autism. The 10,000 genome target is just the beginning for this ambitious program. Google will provide the technical resources to host the information in a virtual data 'cloud', and Google Genomics will create a unique interface where researchers around the world can access and analyze data for free."

Rob Ring, the Chief Science Officer at Autism Speaks, was interviewed for the article.

"Technology is a space Autism Speaks has been actively involved in for years. We believe there is nothing else like the Autism Investment Conference out there right now specifically trying to increase interest and investment in a rapidly growing autism marketplace. Our collaboration with Google to produce the 'Pitch Playground' also offers a great angle to the tech side of the event."

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