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Autism-Friendly The Lion King Performance Coming to Boston

September 26, 2014

(September 26, 2014) - Boston Magazine recently profiled a special performance of Disney’s “The Lion King” that is adapted specifically for families with children on the autism spectrum.

The show will be a sensory-friendly experience, meaning volume levels will be reduced and flashing lights will be taken out of the show. There will also be a quiet area for individuals or families to go throughout the performance if they want to take a break.

“My son is very severely affected by autism, he never stops moving, so the dream of taking the whole family to the Lion King is something that you just have to set aside,” Judith Ursitti, director of state government affairs for Autism Speaks told Boston Magazine.

“We took him to the autism-friendly Lion King production in New York and my husband and I had low expectations. We were just hoping to make it through intermission. I can’t even convey what a moment it was for us. You know the opening scene is just so spectacular, and there was something about that opening scene that just totally got his attention. He’s a non-verbal kid, he can’t read or write and has a very difficult time communicating, yet he was glued to his seat. He made it through the entire show. My husband and I had tears in our eyes.”

The Oct. 11 "autism-friendly" performance of Disney’s The Lion King will allow our community to experience the thrill of a Broadway production in a judgment- free environment—one that’s tailored to meet the community’s needs. Get tickets HERE. The special performance is a proud collaboration between Autism Speaks, Disney Theatrical Productions and Broadway in Boston. 

Watch "The Lion King" cast give an impromtu performance on the NYC subway below.