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Autism Every Day

Autism Every Day is a film produced by Lauren Thierry of October Group and Eric Solomon of Milestone Video. A 13-minute version of the film was screened at A New Decade for Autism, a fundraising event held May 9, 2006 in New York City. The film was later expanded to a 44-minute version which premiered on Jan. 21 at a special screening at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.


Click here to read viewer reactions to the film. Click here for an article about the film from The New York Observer.

Autism Every Day

Executive Producers: Bob Wright & Suzanne Wright

Produced By: Eric Solomon & Lauren Thierry

Directed By: Lauren Thierry

Edited By: Eric Solomon & Christine Dupree

Additional Editing By: Brian DiLeo

Assistant Editor: Sean Dahlberg

Directors of Photography: Francisco Aliwalas & Chris Meagher

Additional Photography: Douglas Bachman, Jim Frances & Dennis Murray

Sound By: David Pliskin and Rob Maerz

Autism Speaks Executive in Charge of Production: Alison Singer