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Autism dad & grandfather Ed Asner to host charity poker tournament

August 13, 2015

Autism Live recently debuted a new series titled, "On The Spectrum" with Matt Asner. Matt has a brother and son with autism and is the Autism Speaks Director of Corporate Development. On this week's episode Matt interviewed his famous father, Ed Asner, about his 3rd annual Ed Asner and Friends Poker Tournament on September 12, 2015 in downtown Los Angeles. Ed has a son and grandson on the autism spectrum and is donating money raised at the poker tournament to Autism Speaks.

Matt also interviewed Family Circle by the Sea special events director Navah Paskowitz about their upcoming retreat. Self-advocate and singer Spencer Harte also appeared on the show to talk about her upcoming performance in China where she hopes to inspire Chinese people with autism and their families. Spencer is raising money for the trip online.