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Autism Community Embraces Kentucky Singer's Moving Song

Song a Hit on Social Media; Chelsea Stepp to Perform at Tennessee Walk Now for Autism Speaks
October 01, 2013



Chelsea Stepp, a 20-year-old singer from Warfield, Ky. who tried out for “American Idol” and the “Country Music Highway Road,” has released her debut album which features a moving song called “Beautiful Blessing” about her younger sister Cammi who has autism. Chelsea will perform at the Tennessee Walk Now for Autism Speaks on Saturday, October 5.

“You mean what you say, just can’t say what you mean; bottled up inside your head and bursting at the seams. Trapped inside a world that’s all your own … Beautiful blessing, beautiful curse; things could be better, but things could be worse. Give me your heaven, give me your hurt; beautiful blessing, beautiful curse” are among the emotional and inspiring song lyrics.

"It kind of takes you through how I feel Cammi would feel going through life with something like autism," Stepp said. "I just wanted kids who hear it who have something like autism or on the autism spectrum, or a mom or dad who has a child with autism, to be able to say, 'That's how I feel.'"

Stepp raised the money to record her first album, “Paper Airplane,” by driving around her native Martin County selling ice cream in her father’s old work van. The album, released Sept. 1, is available for download on Amazon and iTunes. You can also visit Stepp’s Facebook page to request a copy of the album at

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