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ATP and Iowa Donor Network Partner to Increase Awareness of Need for Brain Tissue

April 23, 2007

Brain donation for research is a personal decision that has the power to accelerate progress in research studying autism and transform the lives of thousands of families affected. By partnering with organ procurement organizations, this message of the importance of donation of both organs for transplantation as well as tissue for research is carried forward in a time of grief and sorrow.

Thanks to Iowa Lt. Governor Pederson, an innovative collaboration between the Autism Tissue Program (ATP) and the Iowa Donor Network was established so that research in this field could significantly advance. As part of this collaboration, the addition of "brain tissue" to the Iowa Donor Network online registry has encouraged individuals to alert their friends and family of their intention to donate brain tissue, making the decision to donate at a difficult time just a little easier. This donor registry program has led to two donations in the state of Iowa.

The Iowa Donor Network is now used as a model for other states to add brain tissue for research to their registry programs which will extend to other organ procurement organizations.

Recently, the Iowa Donor Network hosted a donor gala where donor families gathered to discuss organ and tissue donation. Click here to read the thoughts and feelings of a donor family in the Iowa Donor Network's newsletter.

Click here to learn more about the Autism Tissue Program.