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Calls to Action

ATA Kicks F.A.R. for NAAR

April 23, 2007

This past weekend, the American Taekwondo Association (ATA) began its nation-wide ATA Kicks F.A.R. for NAARevents, and have raised $40,000 and counting. This exciting series of ATA school-run events could not have been accomplished without the strong dedication of Erin Baker, Diane Meyers and their dedicated committee members. Reports of results events ranged from enthusiastic to ecstatic from various locations around the country:

From Mary Nero - Hamilton, New Jersey:

"Had a great walk today. Just finally got the total together! Our goal was $1,500.00 and we have a GRAND TOTAL of $4005.01."

From Diane Myers - Webster, Texas:

"I'm so tired and so googley-eyed from counting money... but... my school raised over $1,000.00, Mr. Henderson's school raised over $1,200.00 and Mr. Sears' school raised approximately $600.00... It was awesome, it went smoothly and many boards were

From Erin Baker - Cottage Grove, Oregon:

"I still have other pledges to collect, but I think we broke $4,000!!!!!!!!! The walk was awesome, we had great weather and only a few minor mishaps (a bounce house deflated and the sprinklers turned on the balloon crew :) We had a pretty good demo (considering all the last-minute changes) and everyone I spoke to said they had a great time! So - After all that planning and stress.... Was it worth it? HOO-YAH!"

From Cheryl Vance - Salt Lake City, Utah:

“The weather cooperated and we had a fantastic day! The support from the local community, our students, parents, and our instructors was amazing! We had a fun-filled day
with many events

after the walk. In just under 3 hours we doubled our original total and the Salt Lake City Black Belt Academy raised over $22,000! Yes, I said $22,000!!!! We will send pictures soon! As the event coordinator, this was very personal to me not only because of my son Hunter's diagnosis but this effort was also in honor of Ragan, Chance, and all the other children and their families in the ATA and beyond affected by autism. We will continue to fight to find answers for this disorder and research for better treatment. One day we hope to even find a cure. We will win! Reach for the stars!”

With many other events planned throughout the summer and fall for this Inaugural ATA Kicks F.A.R. for NAAR, planning has already begun for the Second Annual ATA Kicks FAR for NAAR! Stay tuned for more results!