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Calls to Action

Anti-Cyber Bullying Autism Documentary Debuts in England

January 28, 2014

Long-time autism advocate Kevin Healey just debuted a short-form anti-cyber bullying documentary in London last night. The film is just the latest effort in Healey's global campaign to stop the bullying of people with autism (Watch ITV's report on Healey and his campaign above). Healey is 38 and has autism and has decided to start his awareness campaign after being bullied both online and offline all his life. The goal is to have as many people as possible sign Healey's petition to urge governments both in the U.K. and internationally to put laws into place to protect vulneralbe individuals, like those with autism from bullying.

The documentary features victims of online bullying and their families as well as celebrities who support Healey's cause. The film will be released on DVD and be available on Youtube after that.

Sign Healey's petition to stop bullying here and watch his interview with SKY News about bullying below.