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Al Roker thanks his son's occupational therapist on "Today"

December 18, 2015

Al Roker thanked his son's occupational therapist, Lori Rothman, on the "Today" show as part of the show's "Season of Kindness."

Rothman has been working with Roker's 13-year-old son, Nick, for ten years. 

"He had a lot of issues. He didn't talk. He couldn't walk. He had very low body core musculature," Al said, of his son, Nick. "And you know, a lot of people were not positive about his outlook. And you know, there was never any of that with Lori."

She's worked with adolescents who had developmental disabilities, including autism, long before autism was a well-known diagnosis.

Rothman's enthusiasm and devotion to her work has had a deep impact on Al and his wife, Deborah.

"Some kids are 50-piece puzzles, some kids are 100-piece, some kids are 150. I think Nicky is about 150, if I was to look at Nicky," Rothman said. "My heart is so big for Nicky. You know, Nicky's my son. You know, he's a little bigger than me these days, but he is my son."

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