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Adult with Autism Starts Biscotti Business

February 05, 2014

SMILE Biscotti is a new business run by 22-year-old Matt Resnik. Matt was diagnosed with autism at age 2 and has limited verbal and social skills. He also enjoys consistency in his schedule which is what makes him great at baking say his parents, Rob and Denise.

Matt's parents helped him start SMILE Biscotti in October, 2013 and soon his business will expand when his product goes on sale at a Phoenix-area bookstore. SMILE stands for Supporting Matt's Independent Living Enterprise. Denise says her son's consistency is his biggest strength. Matt prepares, bakes and packages his Jewish-style biscotti the same way every time, which makes for a great business model.

Denise and Rob say they not only hope that this business helps Matt become more independent but also educates others about the abilities of individuals with autism.