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Adult with Autism Covers Major League Baseball Team’s Spring Training

February 21, 2014

This article was written by Autism Speaks Staffer Melissa Barton, Senior Director of Field Development Palm Beach. Below, Melissa shares the story of Malcom Harris-Gowdie, one of our iPad recipients and a native of the West Palm Beach area. Malcom got the opportunity of a lifetime to interview several members of the Major League Baseball team the Miami Marlins.

When Malcom first got in touch with us in 2012, he immediately told us of his dream to become a sportscaster. In order to help him reach his dream, this winter, we connected Malcom to Matt Lincoln of WPEC- CBS 12 in West Palm Beach. Matt graciously took Malcom under his wing and set up the interviews for his debut today at the Miami Marlins spring training camp. The Marlins were exceptional with Malcom, inviting him to their April 4th Autism Awareness game in Miami. This will be Malcom’s first MLB game! Marlins star Gianacarlo Stanton even gave Malcom his personal bat complete with his signature!

Since he was a child, Malcom has had a photographic memory and recalls nearly every detail of every baseball game he’s watched. Malcom can immediately give you facts about not only Major League baseball players, but also about sports announcers as well. Malcom’s gift was discovered at 13 years old when he was surrounded by his family watching a sports game. He began commentating on the game very clearly and giving details his parents were not aware he knew. By the time he got to high school, Malcom was a Fort Pierce Central Sportscaster Morning Sports Announcer! He also does sportscasting for the Special Olympics.

Here are some of the major leaguers Malcom interviewed including...

Miami Marlins Giancarlo Stanton

Miami Marlins Mike Dunn

Miami Marlins Steve Cishek

and Miami Marlins Jeff Baker!